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Stay Tuned for Events in California, Utah and Europe.

Eagle Condor 6-Part Healing Intensive

sold out!

 The intensive will be held the following weekends in the Asheville NC area:  9/11/2015, 11/20/15, 2/20/16, 4/29/16, 6/24/16, 9/9/16

We are planning on Launching another intensive first quarter 2016

contact me for more information: see or email

Archive of Past Events: CLICK HERE

    Andean/Peruvian healing training at Alex Grey’s CoSM/Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

*** sold out ***


5 weekend intensive in the Peruvian Healing Arts

    • Series starts the weekend of 8/29/14smalex
    • weekend 2:  11/14/14
    • weekend 3:  2/20/15
    • weekend 4:  5/15/15
    • weekend 5:  8/7/15

Imagine receiving powerful initiation into the ancient healing  arts and profound wisdom teachings of Peru/Andes at CoSM in Wappingers Falls, NY – Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Learn healing techniques; catalyze personal growth and transformation; connect to the sacred dimension of life; experience the cosmovision of a 3000 year-old tradition 

Join me for a five-part series of intensives that aligns the traditional teachings of Peru and other cultures  to help you become a more powerful agent for good.

In completing this Apprenticeship you will: acquire tools and skills to live a more powerful life; learn techniques for self-healing and the healing of others; gain an understanding of the history, philosophies, spirituality and cosmovision of the Andes and Peru; receive insight into how to live in greater balance with the living Earth; and be initiated into one of the oldest and most sophisticated systems of Sacred healing and awakening. 


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