Connections | Media


CLICK HERE … Jeff Schmitt’s TEDx talk

Native – Indigenous Spirituality | Shamanism | Spirit | Inter-spirituality

Center for Sacred Studies

One Spirit Learning Alliance

Sacred Fire Community

Eagle Voice Center

Krmel Mystery School

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Worldview | Transformational Culture | Integral Approaches | Systems | Complexity

Buckminster Fuller Foundation 

Worlviews Network


Holos Institute

Santa Fe Institute

True Nature Education

Mycelium Project

Integral Institute

Global Dialogue Institute

Future Earth


Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies

Science – Spirituality

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Inclusional Research / Alan Rayner

Fred Alan Wolf

Resilient Economies | Pentad | Social Entrepreneurship

T2 Ventures / Rainforest 


Accelerating Appalachia

BalancedIs / Glenn Geffcken

Music | Vibrational Medicine

Jai Uttal

Sean Johnson ~ Wild Lotus

Mahavishnu Orchestra ~ John McLaughin

 Sacred Nature | Pachamama

Pachamama Alliance

Holy Bee Press

Sacred East

Bill Francis Barry (Bharata)

Glenn Mullin

American Institute of Vedic Studies

Mother Maya Tiwari

Yoga Studies Institute

Center for Taiji & Chigong Studies

Michael and Stephanie Johnson

Healing Technology

A.R.E. Edgar Cayce Institute

Larry Burk, MD & Let Magic Happen

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