Jeff has over the years collaborated with numerous American and European artists, including ex-King Crimson drummer Michael Giles, LA sound artist Rhan Small, Grammy winning rap artist and, spoken-word poet Agent23 “Cactus” and John Medeski. Jeff and his musical collaborators composed music for the Aban Elved dance company 1994-2005, leading to collaborations in England, USA and Germany. After many years of playing rock and pop music, I started singing and playing sacred music: sacred Indian music (Kirtan) and Medicine Songs from South America.

Sacred Music Retreat With River Guerguerian and Caroline Padgett

Held annually in Winter.

With every moment there is a song, a pulse and a rhythm. Since time immemorial native healing traditions have employed song, drumming and toning to affect transformation. During this weekend immersion you will find new inspiration and skills in using sound as a healing tool. With over 75 years of combined experience, Caroline, River and Jeff will guide participants through the key components of making sacred sound.

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Kirtan Music for the Sacred Journey to Motherhood

This CD is a collection of sacred mantra songs by Cat Matlock and the Japa Band of Asheville, NC. These particular mantras were chosen for the good energies they invoke to support pregnant mamas and their babies during this powerful time of creation and birth. For more information check out:




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