One of my greatest joys is sharing knowledge and wisdom. I have given nearly 200 invited presentations (including a TEDx talk and keynote at the Global Philosophy Forum) over the past 25 years. As a university professor, I have taught advanced undergraduate, graduate-level and interdisciplinary courses.


Jeff Firewalker is by far one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. It would be difficult to say enough about him. He holds a tremendously safe container in which his students are invited to access their deepest sense of knowing – often on many different levels simultaneously. His quick wit, playfulness and sense of humor make the kind of soul exploration that occurs during his workshops a true pleasure.

– JW, Asheville NC

Sitting in teaching circle with Jeff Firewalker Schmitt has been a transformative experience in my life path. Jeff’s cogent presentation of wisdom teachings reaches deeply into the source common to all, and brings forth a living body of knowledge immediately applicable to today’s culture. His grasp of the intellectual and his embodiment of the spiritual has created an essential vessel to contain the concise teachings of the Eagle-Condor apprenticeship. With the impressive accomplishment of his lifelong academic pursuits and achievements, Jeff has integrated the philosophical teachings of many of history’s greatest minds with the wisdom he has amassed sitting with profound elders of many indigenous peoples. From this cauldron of insight Jeff has brought forth a profound teaching whose application has the potential to awaken in the individual the life that has been called by Spirit to passionately participate in creation. The Eagle-Condor teachings have provided me with a vast skillset of insight and techniques, and blueprint for their application in the creation of ceremonies and personal prayer rituals connecting me deeply with all of creation’s life forms, and Spirit’s expressions. This empowering opportunity to benefit from the multi-cultural and spiritually rich path of the fulfilled Eagle-Condor prophesies has provided me with a philosophy of medicine that has been practical and powerful in its application. Jeff’s sincerely humble and gentle manner is heartfelt in its laser-like precision of paring down a universe of information and experience to the most essential teachings, with impeccable integrity. I strongly encourage all to respond to the call of their becoming as it resonates with this path. I have immense appreciation and love for Jeff firewalker Schmitt and the work he does … may it always grow corn.

 – JL, Asheville, NC

Jeff (Firewalker) is such an engaging teacher, gracefully weaving together storytelling, a vast knowledge of traditional Peruvian folk healing, modern scientific principles, and humor. During healing practice he is brilliantly intuitive and packs a powerful punch, and yet maintains the role of the humble mentor by continually fostering students’ inner wisdom to step into their own healing abilities. The indigenous wisdom that he so beautifully shares demands deep attention to my inner world, engagement with my wider community, and also with the larger cosmos around me. In return I am receiving a gift of knowledge of a path I can step into to live a more vibrant and engaged life, totally applicable to our modern world. I can’t imagine a much better use of my time. I enthusiastically recommend that you attend any of his workshops or seminars!

– HK, Swannanoa NC

Jeff Firewalker is truly a authentic and inspired teacher. Not only is he brilliant, knowledgeable and humorous in his delivery, he carrys the mantle of Medicine Person with such simple grace and generosity of spirit. It is clear our Ancestors have sanctioned his work in the myriad ways he embodies a hollow bone. The PMT is deeply and thoroughly soul fulfilling nourishment. We are forever grateful for this opportunity to honor the ancient, numinous ways and contribute to our world re- awakening.

– RF, Hendersonville NC

In my perception, Jeff Firewalker has spent many lives in loving dedication to the healing and spiritual traditions of Peru. He brilliantly contextualizes the teachings in both ancient wisdom and current scientific insight. The healings Firewalker offers are based in clear clairvoyance, the use of very high energy, and most of all, love. I see him as an emanation of unconditional love on this planet. If you have an opportunity to learn and heal with Firewalker, take it.

– KH, Black Mountain NC

The Importance of Sacred Wisdom Teachings                      & Apprenticeship

Amid our material abundance, our inner lives are impoverished. As a consequence, Americans have become the most medicated and psychologically challenged population in recorded history. Reduced to the label of ‘consumers’ we are using up the world’s resources in vain effort to fill this inner void. In this time of unparalleled turmoil and uncertainty people in ever-greater numbers are seeking avenues to lead satisfying, purposeful lives. According to the Pew Forum on Religion and the Public, each year ~35 million people in America seek yet fail to find means of spiritual fulfillment, personal growth and transformation. For these individuals, established religion and myriad new-age offerings fail to provide the tools, inspiration and supportive community that are essential in meeting their goals for happiness and personal development. Similarly, there is a growing recognition of the need to restore a healthier relationship and understanding of the Earth and to embrace the spiritual dimension of Earth stewardship.

Much like the dramatic emergence of yoga practice and philosophy in America and Europe over the past 20 years, Shamanism and ancient wisdom traditions are now emerging as a vital thread in the spiritual fabric of society. These traditions are a practical and efficient means to achieve happiness, spiritual awakening and personal growth in a way that is compatible with other faiths and religious traditions; they are also based on a clear sense of inter-dependence with the living Earth. Yet, similar to the formative days of yoga’s emergence in the West, there exists a considerable need to foster understanding and create high quality standards in teaching and practicing Shamanic arts.

6-Part Andean/Peruvian Healing Immerson            

In completing this Apprenticeship you will: acquire tools and skills to live a more powerful life; learn techniques for self-healing and the healing of others; learn to fine-tune your nutrition and exercise to support your healing work;  gain an understanding of the history, philosophies and spirituality of South American and other cultures; receive insight into how to live in greater balance with the living Earth; and be initiated into one of the oldest and most sophisticated systems of Sacred healing and awakening.

New Series in Asheville Fall 2015 sold out. New Series starting first quarter of 2016. go to eaglecondorcouncil.org or email: hummingbird.jeff@gmail.com for more information


Offerings 2015

 Andean Q’ero & Sacred Tobacco Healing Ceremony

3 hrs (offered in the evening only)

Drawing from the healing traditions of the Andes and the Northern Peruvian coastal traditions of Curanderismo, Jeff will officiate an evening of sacred healing, divination and empowerment. Many of the practices used in this healing ceremony date back more than 3000 years and are anchored in generations of constant practice. Sayri (sacred tobacco) will be used as a sacrament to help participants awaken their inner capacity for insight, healing and wisdom.

Awakening to the Sacred: an Experiential Introduction to Peruvian Healing Sciences

2 hrs

Ritual and ceremony aren’t curious remnants of primitive cultures, rather they are vital aspects of our human inheritance. As a means of expanding awareness of the seen and the unseen realms, ritual and ceremony have the potential to help us make better decisions, engage more authentically and awaken a sense of the sacred. Andean Paqokuna and Curanderismo are profound systems of shamanic practice that help practitioners in all aspects of life, personal and professional. Jeff will help newcomers and experienced practitioners understand the power and utility of the these traditions and cosmovisions.

Transformation as Vocation: Ancient Tools for Activists, Change-Makers and Social Entrepreneurs.

4 hrs -or- in-depth 3 session series 

Learn how ancient Wisdom can bring more power and clarity to your work as a change-maker, social entrepreneur, or activist. Prophesies from cultures around the world tell us that this is a critical time in the evolution of humanity and the planet. In the words of Buckminster Fuller, “we sit at the precipice of utopia or oblivion.” The choice is ours. Luckily, many of us are devoting our lives to making the world a better place. In the process we encounter obstacles – both from within and from the outside. Tools commonly available to the change-maker often fall short of helping overcome these obstacles.

Noted scientist, social entrepreneur, and healer, Jeff Schmitt will share profound insights and tools you can immediately apply in your efforts at becoming a more powerful and effective cultural creative, change-maker, activist, or social entrepreneur. The goal of this series is to connect personal transformation and healing with change-making in the world – this is the essence of Visionary Action. Anchored in Peruvian shamanism, each session is a combination of informative presentation, experiential exercises, as well as a question and answer period.

Energy Management and Protection for Caregivers, Healers, Bodyworkers, Nurses and Social Workers

3 hrs

Sustained service to those in need sometimes leaves us depleted and emotionally burdened. Peruvian folk healing expert and veteran medical researcher, Jeff Firewalker Schmitt will share ancient tools and techniques that will empower your service, strengthen your healing abilities as well as reveal new sources of vitality in your life and work. Central to this three-hour participatory workshop is the strengthening and cultivation of the qosqo (pronounced cosh-co) also known as the lower dan tien in Chinese Medicine. From this foundation, one learns how to protect themself from energetic insult and depletion as well as how to develop more precision and power as a healer.

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